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Reverse Proxies and the gremlins within

I stumbled into a quirk with apache and mod_proxy, and our sm_module (CA’s Siteminder agent), and thought it might be of use to others. Basic Setup CA Siteminder protected website, reverse proxied (mod_proxy) to a Java Servlet Web Application built on Tomcat. Tomcat is front-ended by hardware load balancer. Pretty standard, just handling regular J2EE web […]

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The science of Network Troubleshooting

Stumbled upon this great link on troubleshooting from NANOG mailing lists, and had to pass it on to anybody who hasn’t read it, especially the incident with Mary. Brings me back to the tech support days.

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Linux Debugging tools

A couple tools any Linux user should know about, and their frequent uses: The essentials which I won’t cover: ls, grep, sed, awk, cat, less, head, tail, .. I’m sure there are others. These should automatically just be extensions of your brain — you need to be intimately familiar with them to be productive on […]

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