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Reverse Proxies and the gremlins within

I stumbled into a quirk with apache and mod_proxy, and our sm_module (CA’s Siteminder agent), and thought it might be of use to others. Basic Setup CA Siteminder protected website, reverse proxied (mod_proxy) to a Java Servlet Web Application built on Tomcat. Tomcat is front-ended by hardware load balancer. Pretty standard, just handling regular J2EE web […]

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NetCat cheatsheet

Excellent cheatsheet of netcat uses.

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Linux Debugging tools

A couple tools any Linux user should know about, and their frequent uses: The essentials which I won’t cover: ls, grep, sed, awk, cat, less, head, tail, .. I’m sure there are others. These should automatically just be extensions of your brain — you need to be intimately familiar with them to be productive on […]

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